In 2008, Scott Grimes and Lynne Laube were bankers who understood the power of purchase data – if only it could be harnessed. With deep insight into the complex regulations that financial institutions face, they designed a bank- and privacy-friendly solution that would link two major industries: banking and marketing. And Cardlytics was born.

Today, Cardlytics operates with a clear goal in mind: to make all marketing more relevant and measurable with purchase intelligence.

The Power of Purchase Intelligence

We partner with more than 1,500 financial institutions to run their online and mobile banking rewards programs, which gives us a robust view into where and when consumers are spending their money. We see debit, credit, ACH and bill pay spend for tens of millions of individual consumers in the US and UK, without sharing any personally identifiable information.


From the beginning, we have believed in the power of purchase intelligence to drive value to three important audiences:


Our solutions allow marketers to reach likely buyers at scale across media channels, with the potential to make all marketing more relevant. We provide actionable insights and help marketers close the last mile, precisely measuring the impact marketing has on online and in-store purchases.

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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions bring their online and mobile banking customers a targeted rewards program to help them save on the things they like to buy. As a result, FIs are able to increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue from their customer base.

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Consumers receive relevant advertising through their bank rewards programs and earn cash back on the things they like to buy. Consumers enjoy a rich experience, and all personally identifiable information stays behind secure firewalls.

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Meaningful Scale

1500+Financial Institutions
1.5 trillionAnnual Spend
120+ millionBank Accounts
20+ billionAnnual Transactions
40 of the top 50U.S. Restaurant Chains
63 of the top 100U.S. Retailers
All top 7U.S. TV & Cable Providers
All top 4U.S. Wireless Carriers

Awards & Recognition

A GSD Culture


At Cardlytics, we are analysts, developers, and data scientists. We are marketers, account managers, and consultants to our clients. We are all focused on making sense of the data we see to make it informative and actionable for our partners.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with offices in New York City, London, San Francisco, and Chicago, our team rallies around a common desire to win and to help our clients win. We are focused on building a revolutionary company, but we still care about each other as human beings, and in fact, we know this is a big part of what makes us great.

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