Marketers: There’s Still Time to Capture Holiday Spend

December 21, 2016 Posted by - CMO

Are you still interested in capturing holiday spend? You’re not too late. In our holiday purchase analytics, we identified four shopping timing segments, including Last-Minute Shopper, consumers who buy gifts Dec. 10 – Dec. 30. And, their contribution to overall holiday spend can help you boost your share in the remaining holiday season.

Last-Minute Shoppers account for 31 percent of holiday shoppers and contribute nearly 30 percent of all holiday spend. And, this category is growing year-over-year, currently ranking as the second largest group of holiday shoppers.


Last-Minute Shoppers have a high average transaction size, at nearly $59. Over the holiday season, Last-Minute Shoppers spend an average of $800.

So, how can marketers reach these shoppers? Campaigns targeting Last-Minute Shoppers should emphasize extended store hours, expedited shipping discounts and shipping guarantees for those late online orders.

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