This Season’s Stocking Stuffer? Year-Long Campaign Precision

December 19, 2016 Posted by - CMO

St. Nick doesn’t leave holiday gift-giving to chance — he gets gift ideas straight from consumers’ wish lists, before placing their bow-bedecked presents under the tree himself.

Had marketers access to Santa’s hallowed list (and sleigh), they too could achieve this same kind of miraculous campaign precision. Well, marketers, this list is real, and it takes the form of detailed purchase intelligence for highly segmented groups of millions of consumers.

And, actually, it gives you a leg up on St. Nick: purchase intelligence not only helps you capture the spend of holiday shoppers, but of shoppers at every holiday touch point, year-round.

See Who’s Naughty and Nice During:

The Holidays

While Black Friday is behind us, know that last-minute shoppers account for a critical 31% of total holiday spend. Fittingly, the season’s peak spend (with 15.4% of all online purchases) occurs just one week before Christmas. See our 2016 Holiday Retail Insights Report for complete seasonal tips.

Valentine’s Day

Mad with love, consumers are 88% more likely to share a pricey meal (spending 26% more than average) on this day than any other. Diamonds, of course, are also a hot ticket — and they’re more than twice as likely to be purchased online.

Mother’s and Father’s Day

Gifters know that their Moms love jewelry (we see 67% growth in jewelry purchases at this time) and Dads love watches (with 23% growth). But purchase timing is important: while the bulk of Mother’s Day shopping is short-notice, occurring in the 14 days before the holiday, Father’s Day buying is mostly wrapped up a full two weeks in advance. For both celebrations, high-end dinners continue to be popular.

Tax Season

For marketers with an eye on tax refunds, tax season is an (admittedly unconventional) holiday. The majority of Americans file taxes during the season’s last four weeks, meaning the bulk of refunds — and sales opportunities — arrive in April and May. And because certain sectors are hard-hit by tax payments (Entertainment and Grocery & Restaurants see 47% and 44% lower spending, respectively), they offer a prime opportunity for tax-related promotional campaigns.

Back To School Season

Holiday spending is rivaled only by the B2S season; sectors like Sporting Goods, Shoes & Athletic Footwear and Office Supplies see about 50% of their annual spend during this time. But location is critical — while the overall B2S basket size for brick and mortar stores is up 1.1%, pure-play online retailers are ascendant, seeing 14.5% spending growth.

Unlike Mr. Claus, marketers will never have access to a magical sleigh (we assume). But like him, they can leverage detailed purchase intelligence to take the guesswork out of targeted gift-giving — in their case, during every season of the year. For many marketers, that has been the source of the gift that truly keeps on giving: a 6:1 return on investment. Happy holidays, now and until next year!