We believe that past purchases are the best predictor of future behavior

Cardlytics Audiences relies on past purchases to help you identify and reach likely buyers. Use Custom and Syndicated Audiences to target consumers based on how they spend, creating highly relevant campaigns across connected media, including display, mobile, video, TV and more.


noun | pur·chase·graph·ic | pər-chəs-ˈgra-fiks

a segment of a population having shared spending habits based on actual past purchase data

Demographic-based audiences assume that everyone within a particular age range or gender spends in the same way. But, that’s simply not the case. Cardlytics uses actual past purchase data as an indicator for purchase intent resulting in powerful syndicated and custom purchase-based audiences and increased advertising effectiveness.


How does purchase data help me find the right customers?

A New Lens for Acquisition and Loyalty

You know how your customers spend within your stores. Cardlytics can help you understand where and how they spend outside your stores. Attract new customers, nurture loyal customers, and re-engage lapsed customers with precisely tailored campaigns. chart_customer