Purchase Intelligence

Purchase intelligence sits at the core of our business. Our technology was purpose-built to ingest, protect, and process trillions of dollars of raw machine transaction data from millions of accounts across thousands of financial institutions. We normalize that data to make it useful for marketing and analytics, leveraging sophisticated algorithms. As a result, we deliver unique value and meaningful scale to Marketers, Financial Institutions, and Consumers alike – all while handling this sensitive data with the utmost respect for privacy.

Privacy By Design

Before Cardlytics, our founders were bankers. It is in our company’s make-up to understand the incredibly complex security, privacy and regulatory demands that govern purchase data. We designed our patented, distributed architecture to facilitate both the effective delivery of our solutions and the protection of our partners’ end-customer PII.

Security is Priority One

We host key aspects of our technology within the Financial Institution partners’ secure firewalls and only access the information needed to inform campaigns and insights. We provide analytics to our marketing partners based on fully de-identified bank data and never share personally identifiable information. This enables consumers to receive a best-in-class targeted advertising experience without sacrificing privacy.

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