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Big sporting events: an open goal for retailers

August 1, 2018 Posted by - Head of UK Analytics

Although football may not have “come home” for England, this summer’s headline sporting event, the World Cup in Russia created unprecedented levels of national excitement in the UK in a way that only football seems able to do. This sense of anticipation was not just contained to people’s living rooms, as the British High Street quickly became one of the big beneficiaries of the World Cup effect, with pubs and bars emerging as clear winners. According to Cardlytics UK purchase...

The new spending anatomy of an English football fan & what it means for brands

September 5, 2017 Posted by - Head of UK Analytics

Football fans in the UK are known for being many things. They’re fiercely loyal, tribal, and passionate. Equally, they’re opinionated connoisseurs of ‘the beautiful game’. They’re also one of the UK’s biggest consumer groups. And, while many of the group’s defining characteristics will remain for years to come, it’s their spending habits which our data suggests may well be changing. English football has, over the years, become synonymous with certain things. Fans are expected to indulge in pies and pints....