Does Your Gym Choice Really Matter?

January 29, 2016 Posted by - CMO

It’s January, which means many of us are resolving to get healthier this year. Treadmill running or CrossFit? Barre classes or spinning? Low carb or juice cleanse? There are countless ways to get fit, but which will prove to be most effective? We looked at our purchase data to see how consumers are sweating it out and changing food habits.

Here’s what emerged:

Dropoff Percentage After January

‐ Crossfitters are nearly twice as likely as yogis to stick with it.

‐ Of new yoga and barre studio customers, only 29.6 percent continue past January, while 63.5 percent of Crossfitters continue into February.

Percent Remaining Beyond October

‐ The majority of new gym customers don’t make it to Q4.

‐ Only 21.4 percent of January gym joiners continue past October.

Annual Fast Food Spend

‐ Grocery vs. restaurant spend is consistent across gym goers, but spinners purchase half as much fast food as their other gym going peers.

These insights identify an opportunity for health & fitness retailers to target customers throughout the year, and particularly in the early months of the year, to help bring them back in the door.