The new spending anatomy of an English football fan & what it means for brands

September 5, 2017 Posted by - Head of UK Analytics

Football fans in the UK are known for being many things. They’re fiercely loyal, tribal, and passionate. Equally, they’re opinionated connoisseurs of ‘the beautiful game’. They’re also one of the UK’s biggest consumer groups. And, while many of the group’s defining characteristics will remain for years to come, it’s their spending habits which our data suggests may well be changing. English football has, over the years, become synonymous with certain things. Fans are expected to indulge in pies and pints....

Cardlytics is Proud to Announce its Partnership with SunTrust

August 29, 2017 Posted by -

At Cardlytics, the trusted relationships that we have built with financial institutions are part of what makes us unique. And, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with SunTrust. In March 2017, we helped SunTrust launch their new SunTrust Deals program. Leveraging Cardlytics’ technology, SunTrust Deals provides customers with relevant cashback deals on the things they like to buy. The program is available to both credit and debit card users, both online and mobile. Since its kick-off in March, on...

As Seen in Nation’s Restaurant News: Independent vs. Chain Restaurants, The Battle for Share of Stomach

August 8, 2017 Posted by - SVP, Ad Partnerships, Restaurant

A battle for share of stomach among big chain restaurants has been going on since the dawn of restaurant dining. But, over recent years, the battle has shifted with chain restaurants needing to compete more heavily with independent restaurants vs. other big chains. We recently wrote an article for Nation’s Restaurant News, “Independent vs. Chain Restaurants: The Battle for Share of Stomach,” discussing how restaurant diners are shifting their dining out spend. We’re seeing that during key spend seasons, diners...

Congratulations Cardlytics Interns: Class of 2017!

July 27, 2017 Posted by - Talent Partner

Every year, Cardlytics hires a select class of interns to get hands-on work experience in our offices. And, this year was no exception, with six interns working across Analytics, People Operations, Implementations, Media Inventory Planning, and Accounting teams. The Cardlytics internship program is not one filled with coffee runs and meaningless errands, but each intern is given the opportunity to work on actual projects within their teams. We also offer extra perks that give them tools for post-graduate success, including:...

UK Spending Insights: How Eating Out and Holidays are Helping Lift UK Consumer Spending

June 20, 2017 Posted by - UK Head of Bank Relationships

With consumers feeling the pinch, UK spending levels have been going through a rough patch of late. The falling value of the pound has made imports more expensive, while the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote has left shoppers less likely to spend money. Our UK Spend Index lays this bare. Retail (-28%), fashion (-31%) and grocery (-10%) all saw significant quarterly falls at the start of this year. But, looking at the bigger picture, overall spending remained steady, edging...

Featured Post from Cardlytics UK: Banking on Loyalty – A Bet Worth Making

May 18, 2017 Posted by - Communications Manager

Data protection has quickly grown from being a buzz-word to a concern keeping board-level executives up at night. As demonstrated by recent high-profile cyber attacks, the cost of a data breach now comes in all shapes and sizes – from significant financial repercussions to damaged reputation and loss of existing customers. Ensuring this is avoided while improving the customer experience is the real tightrope challenge. Read more in this byline, which was featured on the IBS Intelligence Blog, and written by...

New Purchase Insights: The On-Demand Fitness Industry

April 10, 2017 Posted by - CMO

We are now in full swing of the New Year and heading into the summer, which means we are at the point of the year where people have actually gotten into a rhythm of committing to their resolutions — or they have completely dropped them. One of the main resolutions that people commit to is fitness. Through our purchase insights, we found a new fitness trend gaining steam – on-demand and online fitness. Payments to on-demand fitness services jumped to...

As Seen on The Oracle Data Cloud Blog: Leveraging purchase data for a whole wallet view

March 9, 2017 Posted by - Communications Manager

At Cardlytics, we believe the best predictor of someone’s future purchases is what they’ve purchased in the past. To accurately get an understanding of a consumer’s purchase behavior, it’s critical to have what we call a ‘whole wallet view’ – a secure view into where, when, and how consumers are spending their money. We wrote a post about the importance of having a holistic view of consumer spend, including credit, debit, ACH, and bill pay, for better marketing strategies. You can...

As Seen on LiveRamp: Four Tips for Seasonal Data‑Driven Marketing Campaign Success

February 22, 2017 Posted by - Communications Manager

We’ve officially left the winter holiday shopping season, but there are plenty of key consumer-spending seasons coming up, including moms/dads/grads and back-to-school. Check out this guest blog Cardlytics’ CMO, Dani Cushion, penned for LiveRamp. The article offers tips for leveraging data for seasonal marketing campaigns.  See the full article, here. 

Marketers: There’s Still Time to Capture Holiday Spend

December 21, 2016 Posted by - CMO

Are you still interested in capturing holiday spend? You’re not too late. In our holiday purchase analytics, we identified four shopping timing segments, including Last-Minute Shopper, consumers who buy gifts Dec. 10 – Dec. 30. And, their contribution to overall holiday spend can help you boost your share in the remaining holiday season. Last-Minute Shoppers account for 31 percent of holiday shoppers and contribute nearly 30 percent of all holiday spend. And, this category is growing year-over-year, currently ranking as...