Purpose-Built for Banks

Cardlytics’ Purchase IntelligenceTM  platform strengthens the role banks play within the flow of commerce. Our trusted loyalty solution drives customer engagement, while delivering the reliability banks demand and the scale advertisers require. By addressing the most pressing questions that marketers face, Cardlytics has linked together some of the biggest names in banking and advertising.

lloyds banking group

Rewards that Earn Loyalty

Our loyalty program is easy for bank customers to use with their existing debit or credit card. After receiving personalized offers and cash back savings, the average customer increases card spend and is more engaged within online and mobile banking. In turn, this reduces account attrition and increases brand loyalty.


Bank customers select offers embedded in their digital banking UI.


Shop at that merchant in store or online using your credit card or debit card.


Earn cash back in the form of an account credit.

Incremental Benefits

Cardlytics helps banks drive new revenue and boost customer loyalty – all while delivering incremental card spend and stronger business relationships.


Cardlytics offers a loyalty solution that drives digital engagement and card spend by introducing a merchant-funded rewards program, powered by our proprietary technology.

Business Banking

Change your business banking conversations from fees and rates to growth strategy. The majority of advertisers referred to Cardlytics by our bank partners join our network.

Data-Informed Marketing

Use Purchase IntelligenceTM to better market relevant bank products – such as mortgages, car loans, or 529 plans – to your customers at the right time.

Rigorous Security

Our proprietary technology was designed to meet the stringent privacy standards and regulations that banks must meet. Our distributed architecture protects highly sensitive first-party data so that no personally identifiable information is shared with Cardlytics. Learn more about our technology.

3.3 trillionAnnual Spend
133 millionMonthly Active Users
1 in 2Swipes
$450 millionCustomer Rewards Paid

Getting Started is Free and Easy

Cardlytics offers a low-cost implementation service with flexible integration options. Hardware and/or software can be hosted by Cardlytics at cost, and banks can choose to have Cardlytics code their digital banking integration or leverage our suite of APIs to do it themselves. Are you ready to take the next step?

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