Purchase IntelligenceTM is the foundation of our native proprietary channel

Cardlytics Direct helps you reach real, verified bank customers in a trusted online and mobile banking environment. Using Purchase IntelligenceTM to identify the most likely buyers, we deliver personalized rewards that generate truly measurable in-store and online sales. Reach high-potential new customers in your category and grow your business with existing customers.


How It Works
  1. Target people based on actual purchase history, a strong predictor for future purchases
  2. Reach likely buyers engaged in their online and mobile banking rewards programs
  3. Pay only when the consumer makes an in-store or online purchase for guaranteed ROI
  4. Measure campaign impact on in-store and online sales, with a view into incrementality
Why Native Bank Advertising
  • Reach customers where they go to actively plan and think about their money
  • Secure logins to verified accounts ensure this bank environment is bot-free
  • The average customer in our channel logs into their mobile bank account over 7 times per month
  • Consumers view rewards as a bank benefit and pay full price at the register – keeping your margins and brand fully intact
  • Consumers use their regular bank cards to earn rewards – saving you the hassle of POS integrations and training required for coupons and promotion codes
  • For every dollar a marketer spends on Cardlytics Direct, they generate approximately $30 in average return on ad spend
  • Customers are at least 9 times more likely to engage with our advertisements as compared to worldwide display ad click rates

A new lens for acquisition and loyalty: Purchase IntelligenceTM

You know how your customers spend within your stores. Cardlytics can help you understand where and how they spend outside your stores. Attract new customers, nurture loyal customers, and re-engage lapsed customers with precisely tailored campaigns.

Understand more about your customers


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