Cardlytics Insights gives you a view into your customers based on their actual purchase behavior. Where else are they spending their money, how frequently, and how much? Understand your customers – whether new, occasional, or die-hard loyals – to make better business decisions across marketing, merchandising, store operations, real estate planning, and more.

Robust View of Consumer Behavior

As the trusted partner for financial institutions to run their banking rewards programs, we have a robust view into the debit, credit, ACH, and bill pay transactions of 128+ million monthly active users. Free from panels and unreliable surveys, our actual purchase data captures consumer spending for retailers, restaurants and other businesses, across all categories and geographies, including both online and offline purchases.

Answering Questions No One Else Can

Cardlytics Insights can help answer imperative business intelligence questions such as:

Customer Insights

Customer Segmentation
  • Are sales from new customers, increased share from current customers, or increased category spend?
Customer Churn
  • To whom am I losing customers and at what rate?
  • From whom am I getting new customers?
Customer Loyalty
  • How loyal are my customers?
  • Where else do they spend their money, in and out of the category?
  • How much are they spending with me vs. my competitors?
Brand Affinities
  • Where else do my customers shop?
  • What complementary goods or services can I offer in my store?
  • What partnerships would provide the most value?

Business Insights

Market Share
  • How am I faring relative to my competitors?
  • Who is winning and losing in specific DMAs and zips?
  • How are spending, customer penetration, purchases, and basket size trending over time?
Store Operations
  • Where should we locate stores based on category spend?
  • What is the ROI of a refurbished store?
  • How should my product offerings change relative to local shopping habits?

How can I better understand my customers’ spending behavior?