Cardlytics Measurement uses purchase data to help you understand the true sales impact, both in-store and online, of your marketing campaigns. With real revenue results, you can measure and optimize your marketing strategies with the metric that matters most: sales.

We Use Actual Purchases

With Cardlytics Measurement, we go straight to the source – bank purchase data – and link marketing campaigns to both offline and online sales.

Clicks Don’t Matter

Clicks have long served as a proxy for consumer intent to purchase. Yet our own analysis shows little relationship between those who click and those who spend. Cardlytics Measurement delivers accurate sales results without the need for complex attribution models.

We Measure Actual In-Store Buys

With 93% of sales still occurring at brick-and-mortar locations, the industry often models results based on proxies, panels, and surveys. Cardlytics Measurement can help you close the last mile and prove online-to-offline impact based on actual in-store purchase data.

How It Works

After a consumer is exposed to your campaign, we draw from our proprietary view into billions of transactions annually to report resulting sales metrics. We can equip you to more effectively compare performance and optimize return on ad spend (ROAS) across all digital channels: online, mobile, and more. We also help you optimize effectively across markets, audiences, placements, and creatives.