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Cardlytics Research and Insights

Insight: Traditional grocers are losing share of stomach in multiple directions

With inflation at an all-time high, have consumers shifted their food shopping behaviors? At CDLX, we have the purchase data to uncover the most relevant insights within grocery and beyond.

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Cardlytics Research and Insights

What Is The Next Evolution of Direct-To-Consumer Disruption?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are often referred to as disruptors because they use digital and mobile channels to sell directly to consumers. By bypassing distributors and third parties, DTC brands can deliver a more convenient shopping experience while building a more direct relationship with customers.  The movement toward DTC gained even more momentum during the pandemic. […]

3 Minute Read
Cardlytics Research and Insights

Webinar: Prove Incremental Marketing Impact to the Right Stakeholders

As marketers, we all face the same question – How do we know that sale wouldn’t have happened anyway? There is always a need to prove marketing efforts accomplished something that would not have happened organically. That is where we can lean on incrementality. In our latest webinar, Juliana Lupinacci, VP, Agency Partnerships, speaks with […]

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Cardlytics Research and Insights
Financial Institutions

Purchase Intelligence Could be the Key to Helping Consumers Through the Cost-of-Living Crisis

While consumers are forced to juggle new demands on their finances, it creates a valuable opportunity for banks to utilise their platforms for good, building deeper relationships and positioning themselves as a resource for help.

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Cardlytics Research and Insights
Insights & Trends

Card-linked Offers 101

Shopping habits have changed over the last several years in a way that no one could have imagined. As a result, customers are now looking to foster deeper relationships with brands, assuming they can offer convenience and seamless customer experiences. In turn, brands want to find better ways to connect with their audiences and provide […]

6 Minute Read
Cardlytics Research and Insights

Incrementality Marketing: Back to Performance Fundamentals

There are infinite ways to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Still, one of the marketers’ top challenges comes when it’s time to quantify campaign success in terms of actual revenue dollars. Making the leap between marketing metrics and business outcomes often requires collecting data from multiple platforms, connecting the dots, and filling in […]

7 Minute Read
Cardlytics Research and Insights
Data & Privacy

The Road to Cookieless Advertising: A Timeline

Most people don’t know the name Lou Montulli but he’s indirectly responsible for one of the biggest invasions of privacy of the modern era. In 1994, Montulli was a 23-year-old founding engineer at Netscape with a number of Internet innovations to his credit, including web browsers, HTTP proxying, and the infamous tracking cookie.  Montulli never […]

4 Minute Read
Cardlytics Research and Insights
Customer Loyalty

Who Cashes in on Cardlytics’ Bank Loyalty Programs?

There’s no question, technology is reshaping the banking experience. But whose experience is it changing and to what benefit? To answer this question, Cardlytics analyzed the spending behavior of today’s tech-savvy bank customer across over 1,500 financial institution partners and found that bank rewards programs do much more than just appeal to savers. They attract young professionals in […]

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