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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

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Halloween may come first, but the winter holidays are already gaining attention – and aisle space. With nearly 40% of holiday spend occurring in the four weeks before Black Friday, early bird shoppers are gearing up to tackle their holiday shopping lists—even picking up candy canes alongside their candy corn. By analyzing $2.8 trillion in actual purchase data across our banking partners, Cardlytics has identified key trends in holiday spend behavior for marketers to leverage during the busiest retail shopping season of the year.Here are four of the top holiday spend trends for 2019:1.  The time period between Halloween and Black Friday is key for capturing holiday shoppers

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Orange is the new Black Friday

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]2.  Holiday spend is on the rise year-over-year, with customers making more frequent but smaller purchases

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: the more purchases the merrier

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]3.  In-store sales still dominate holiday spend, but online channels continue to steal share

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Brick & Mortar sleighs

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]4.  Holiday shoppers who spend both online and in-store at the same retailer spend more than those who shop just one channel

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Omni customers are small but mighty

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]5. The three things yule need to know about Holiday spend seasonality

Three Things Seasonality

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]6. 'Tis the season for convenience

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Tis the Season for Convenience

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]7. eCommerce and brand love spread good cheer

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: eComm Spreads Cheer

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Peace Joy Brand Love

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]8. Focus on fa la la la loyals

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Fa La La La Loyals

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]Want more Holiday insights? We’ll be digging deeper into each of these trends and revealing more holiday insights in the coming weeks. Check back for more purchase insights and tips to capture spend all season long.

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