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Cardlytics State of Spend Issue 1, May 2020

With insight into 50% of US transactions, Cardlytics is uniquely positioned to help marketers understand and respond to current trends that impact their industries and customers.

We’re putting these purchase insights into action every day for advertisers in our native ad platform and are pleased to publish a new Cardlytics State of Spend series for all marketers to leverage.

Inside the first issue:

  • COVID-19’s impact on overall spend 
  • eCommerce is leading the path forward
  • Home is the center of the new economy
  • Customers choose home fitness
  • Actionable tips for long-term gains
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CDLX State of Spend Report Issue 1

Want more actionable insights?

We’re committed to providing certainty in this time of uncertainty. Whether marketers are experiencing ups or downs in consumer spend, Cardlytics is using our unique purchase insights and powerful advertising channel to help all of our clients navigate the curve and drive measurable sales.

Contact us for a custom analysis and campaign strategy customized for your brand.

Be sure to check back for the next Cardlytics State of Spend report to follow important shifts in consumer spend and track early signs of recovery.

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