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Cardlytics is Proud to Announce its Partnership with SunTrust

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At Cardlytics, the trusted relationships that we have built with financial institutions are part of what makes us unique. And, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with SunTrust.

In March 2017, we helped SunTrust launch their new SunTrust Deals program. Leveraging Cardlytics’ technology, SunTrust Deals provides customers with relevant cashback deals on the things they like to buy. The program is available to both credit and debit card users, both online and mobile. Since its kick-off in March, on average, nearly 80% of clients that visit the mobile application engaged with SunTrust Deals and activated a cashback offer.

Here’s an example of SunTrust Deals in action:

SunTrust is constantly thinking of innovative ways to elevate the consumer experience, and their partnership with us for SunTrust Deals is just another example of their vision.

This partnership is also particularly unique given that SunTrust is headquartered just a few miles from Cardlytics’ Atlanta office. Atlanta is becoming a globally recognized FinTech hub, and our work with SunTrust further solidifies the position of both Atlanta and Cardlytics’ role in Atlanta’s FinTech landscape.

Learn more about the SunTrust Deals launch, here.

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