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Creating Your 2019 Marketing Plan? Consider the “Person of the Year”

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Each year, Time Magazine selects a “Person of the Year” to be profiled in its end-of-year issue. This person, group, idea, or object is one that has done the most to influence that year’s events. If last month’s Advertising Week in New York was any indication, the 2019 “Person of the Year” will be “The Consumer,” because consumer personalization and consumer experience dominated the conversation as the top areas to focus when building your 2019 marketing plan.Studies show that today’s consumer is presented with roughly 5,000 advertising messages every day. As a marketer, how can you cut through the noise and gain the attention you need to drive return on your investment….? By personalizing your product offering and delivering it through a native channel that provides a seamless consumer experience.With the continuous growth of technology, consumers have the world at their fingertips. But given our “always on” society, they don’t have the time or the desire to search for the products most relevant to them. They want those products, with any additional savings or rewards, to come directly to them through their normal everyday interactions. That’s why native advertising channels can be so effective, especially when they’re part and parcel of consumers everyday interactions, and the ads are personalized to the consumer.At Cardlytics, our direct partnership with banks gives us a secure view into where, when, and how much consumers are already spending. Using these insights, we can help develop advertising promotional campaigns that are personalized based on past purchase transaction behavior.These personalized ads are delivered as promotion offer content within a native banking channel, which includes mobile and online banking. When consumers log into their bank account, they will see these relevant cash back promotion offers, which enable them to save money when they make future purchases.It’s a seamless experience for the consumer, because with one click, every time they shop at the activated reward location, they save a portion of their spend. That money saved will be directly deposited into their bank account with no additional effort or attention needed. It’s quick and easy for the consumer, ensuring relevancy and boosting engagement.And for advertisers, it’s a real boon because the average incremental return on ad spend is about $5:1. The return is so high because of the personalized purchase behavior-based targeting, and the pristine behind the firewall environment, which increases consumer engagement with the offers – there are no bots, no fraud, no viewability issues, and no objectionable content for marketers to worry about.So how can we support your 2019 marketing plan by cutting through the clutter and targeting the demands of that “Person of the Year” through a seamless, personalized experience? Contact us to learn more.

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