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Develop Your Marketing Agility with Data-Driven Insights

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Navigating today's fast-changing marketing landscape requires brands to be more agile than ever. Success favors those who can quickly make sense of the moment-to-moment conditions and execute the right decisions to adapt to the changes.

Brands must iterate faster on campaigns, glean insights rapidly, and pivot with swift responses—all in a highly uncertain marketplace that seems to be moving under our feet. Traditional marketing channels can only go so far; they weren't cut out for this kind of agility. But Cardlytics is designed for it.

With exclusive access to customer purchase data, Cardlytics can help you to see the market from a whole new angle. Our native ad platform works within banks' digital channels and offers unrivaled insight into consumer behavior across categories and industries. And our innovative services are especially effective at enhancing marketing agility. Backed up by Cardlytics, you'll have the knowledge you need to make smart decisions and take the bold actions that will drive your brand to new heights.

Make smarter budgeting decisions

Making business decisions during a recession or economic downturn is never easy. Often a company's first instinct is to slash marketing budgets. But that's exactly what you shouldn't do. Instead, it pays to pivot and adapt. During difficult times, it is critical to view marketing activities as a "must have" versus a "nice to have." 

Rather than reduce or eliminate marketing funds, a better long-term strategy is to reallocate resources. That's where marketing agility comes in. But in order to know where to invest your budget, you need access to customer purchase data. Cardlytics' Purchase Intelligence™ allows you to eliminate the guesswork by identifying opportunities and driving results. With powerful AI and dozens of analysts taking a fresh look at where and when customers buy, we answer critical questions that inform business decisions such as:

  • Where are you gaining and losing share?
  • Where else do your customers spend?
  • What is your real headroom for growth?

Then we link those insights to actionable marketing strategies. Just set a goal, and we will deliver compelling offers to your best prospects and customers. It's that simple.

Turn market research into actionable data

When thinking about how to turn market research into actionable data, begin by asking yourself where you can leverage analytics to make the biggest impact. For marketing, it all starts with driving incremental sales by changing the way people buy. Cardlytics helps you identify these opportunities by using Purchase Intelligence™ to help you target the right customers in the right places. 

A key benefit is our ability to use transaction data to reach individuals with highly targeted ads within their banks' digital channels. With our precise targeting, you can reach consumers as they manage where they'll spend and save. In addition, we allow you to easily access the data you need, including where, when, and how consumers shop, so you can react quickly and win the next sale. And the best part—our powerful purchase insights will help inform your future business decisions so you can succeed in dynamic market conditions.

React faster to real-world events

As we all know, the world can change in an instant. Brand responses need to be just as swift to capture the zeitgeist and meet their audience at the moment. Decision-making moves fast. Cardlytics' customer purchase data empowers you to make those choices with confidence, clarity, and efficiency. The insights we provide can inform numerous facets of your marketing efforts, including:

  • Determine your marketing spend by channel and audience.
  • Adjust to seasonal changes and fluctuations in demand.
  • Allocate more resources where opportunities are greater (quickly "turn on and off the spigot" of marketing spend as needed).
  • Retain and grow your audience by targeting only the customers that drive your specific business goals forward.

With agile digital marketing tactics backed by relevant data, brands can generate provable, predictable sales revenue—no matter what changes are happening in the world.

Identify industry trends earlier

Spotting tomorrow's trends today can have a massive impact on businesses that want to get a jump on the action. Cardlytics' unique reporting and measurement offer a much broader view of the marketing landscape, which enables brands to see future trends on the horizon before everybody else.

No matter what your industry is, Cardlytics' fresh perspective that is especially beneficial for trendspotting:

  1. See customer purchase data for your entire industry, including your competitors. With these insights, we can tell if consumers' preferences and purchases are changing across your category as a whole or only in one area or for one brand.
  2. See consumers' spending behavior across all categories, which is called a "whole wallet" view. How much are shoppers spending? When? Where? How often? This comprehensive approach offers a deeper, more holistic understanding of your audience so you can more accurately identify trends.
  3. See your performance assumptions validated—or not. For example, you may think you're doing a fantastic job with your most loyal segment of customers. But what if you discovered they were still shopping at your biggest competitor? Only Cardlytics data gives you the full story.

Spend more efficiently

Keeping your marketing expenditure as smart and streamlined as possible will give you a wider range of options and greater opportunities for success. Miscues in ad placement or targeting can cause brands to waste time and money. But with our innovative insights, you'll be equipped with powerful tools to enhance your campaigns' efficiency:

  • Ultra-precise audience targeting based on actual transaction data.
  • Pricing based on actual performance, not just impressions.
  • Ad placements designed to drive specific business goals such as growth, customer retention, or loyalty.

Be ready for whatever's next

Changes are always on the horizon of the marketplace, from tiny pop-up trends to tidal-wave challenges like the pandemic. Our data-driven approach keeps you better informed, so you'll be prepared to face these changes and quickly adjust your marketing strategy.

When you partner with Cardlytics, you'll stay ahead of the curve:

  • Benefit from exclusive access to consumer transaction data on1 out of every 2  card swipes in the U.S., giving you a unique perspective on spending behavior in your industry and the overall market.
  • Gain valuable insight from expert reports on consumer spending and the state of industries.
  • Track your marketing performance with customized campaign reports that make it easy to understand what the data means on a human level.
  • Tap into insights from other industries to reach new customers and stay in front of changing consumer behaviors.
  • See changes over time with in-depth market share analysis so you can understand where your business ranks and where you should focus your marketing efforts.

Make data-backed decisions with confidence

Marketing is an ever-changing arena where agility is essential for brands that want to respond to fluctuations and foresee future trends. It's both a science and an art, and success requires an equally deft approach that combines eye-opening data with expert understanding—and that's exactly what Cardlytics provides.

Technological advances are accelerating, and the needs of consumers continue to evolve. The brands that stay one step ahead of the curve are the ones that will be able to connect with their audiences and change their lives for the better. And that's what it's all about: making sure that everybody wins in a world that's moving faster and faster, whether you're saving shoppers money or showing them a new product to enhance their daily routine.Would you like to learn more? Contact us today to discover just how nimble your marketing team can be when you partner with Cardlytics.

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