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Insight: Unleashing Potential from Pet Parents

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Explore why driving transaction frequency among existing and high-value customers is essential in the pet category.

New from Cardlytics: Our 1st party transaction data suggests that while less and less consumers are spending in the pet specialty retail category every year, those who remain are increasingly valuable for brands to retain. Download the full insight bulletin today!

Since COVID, the Pet specialty retail category has seen impressive growth in spend every year. However, the rate of growth has significantly declined. The leading driver of this slow down is a decline in the volume of Pet shoppers - shopper volume only grew by 1.17% in 2023. There are less category shoppers overall, and less consumers defined as new pet parents.*

Despite fewer shoppers entering the category, existing pet parents are doting on their pets with non-essential purchases.

Of existing pet parents shopping the category in 2023, 9% were considered “doting pet parents” (+2pts vs. 2022) who make non-essential purchases for their pets (e.g. premium natural food).  This category of shoppers spends 2x more than the average pet parent.

What does this mean for you?

Driving transaction frequency among existing and high-value customers is essential to increasing sales long-term, especially when the category competition is fierce. 

Download the full insight bulletin, and let’s chat about how Cardlytics can help drive your pet loyalty efforts. Email to get started.

Customer Loyalty
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