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New Purchase Insights: The On-Demand Fitness Industry

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We are now in full swing of the New Year and heading into the summer, which means we are at the point of the year where people have actually gotten into a rhythm of committing to their resolutions -- or they have completely dropped them. One of the main resolutions that people commit to is fitness. Through our purchase insights, we found a new fitness trend gaining steam – on-demand and online fitness.

Payments to on-demand fitness services jumped to 7.7% of total spend on workouts last year. This is up from 4.8% two years earlier. We also conducted a migration analysis, looking at users who spent most of their fitness share of spend on big-box gyms and only dabbled in on-demand fitness in 2015, but left their big-box gym in 2016. Users who spent most of their share of spend on big-box gyms and only 12% on on-demand, increased their share of spend to nearly 32% for on-demand fitness after they left their big-box gym.

While we show that big-box gyms still held a considerable share in 2016, approximately 73%, we do show that percentage is dropping year over year.

We shared these fitness purchase insights with The Wall Street Journal and The Baltimore Sun. See The Wall Street Journal story, here, and The Baltimore Sun story, here.

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