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Omni Customers: Small but Mighty

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Today’s consumers value convenience and flip easily between online and in-store shopping. This omnichannel behavior presents a valuable opportunity for retailers—and brings us to our fourth holiday spend trend:Holiday shoppers spend more at retailers when they shop both online and in-store                   At Cardlytics, we’ve found that the industry buzz around omni is more than just hype. Omni customers who shop both in-store and online at the same retailer spend twice as much during the holidays as those customers who also made multiple trips but stuck to just one channel.

CDLX Holiday 2019 Spend Trend: Omni customers are small but mighty

While the majority of holiday shoppers inevitably shop both online and in-store, they rarely do so at the same retailer. In fact, only 10.3% of customers at top retailers are omni customers with that brand during the holidays. This means there is incredible headroom for marketers to boost their sales by encouraging omni behavior.Actionable Tips:To unlock the value of omni customers, it’s critical that marketers resist the temptation to push shoppers from one channel to the other. Instead, they can build campaigns that empower customers to easily purchase with their brand—regardless of the channel.Cardlytics allows customers to earn valuable cash-back offers however they choose to shop. Using powerful purchase history, we help marketers identify and reach customers who are heavy omni shoppers, with them and with competitors, to ultimately drive sales and grow market share.Want more Holiday insights? Check out our other holiday spend trends, and stay tuned for next week’s post on the top three things yule need to know about seasonality.

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