Restaurant & Grocery: The Showdown Is On

6 minute read

Which industry will take the bulk of consumer spend? 

What used to be considered two separate household budgets, one for groceries and one for dining out, has morphed into one overall food budget, thanks to pandemic-led shifts in how people eat. More dinners are being eaten at home causing restaurants to expand into delivery and take-out options. Meanwhile, grocery stores braced for a surge in traffic as more consumers requested delivery or curbside pick-up. While all industries faced upheaval during the pandemic, there’s no doubt that restaurants and grocery stores were among the most affected, with consumers’ eating habits and routines changing overnight. Both grocery and restaurant industries now face similar challenges in an uncertain marketplace - how to grow revenue and defend wallet share in the face of emerging third-party players.

But instead of working in competition with one another, Cardlytics’ Mike Novosel, industry lead for grocery, gas, and convenience and Matt Drewes, industry lead for restaurant, share how the two industries can peacefully coexist by answering these questions:

  • What is your occasion share? Do you know how much you’re losing, gaining, and what you need to defend it?
  • How do you want your customers to shop with you?
  • What is your biggest opportunity?

In our first ever B2C Marketing Showdown, brands will learn how working with a partner like Cardlytics can help them retain their customers, regain lapsed customers, and perhaps most important to growth, earn customers that shop in-store and online.  

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