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Spring Customers Heat Up Summer Sales

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Spring is finally in the air. As consumers kick off spring cleaning projects and develop new habits, many are also changing where and how they shop. By analyzing purchase data from our bank partners, Cardlytics found that spring is a critical time for marketers to connect with customers and build loyalty—particularly with the typical summer slowdown looming on the sunny horizon.

The easiest way to win summer sales is from repeat customers

We see marketers place a lot of emphasis on customer acquisition, but the majority of summer sales are driven by customers who are already familiar with a brand. ​Last year, over 62% of summer retail sales were from repeat customers. Retailers looking to hold onto their gains in market share from the spring should quickly re-engage their newly acquired customers as summer heats up.

Returning spring buyers spend more during the summer​

Across most retailers, customers acquired during the spring not only boost spring sales, but they also set the stage for summer success—spending 26% more in the summer months than customers who were acquired within the summer season. The customers who came back during the summer were also significantly more likely to make a repeat purchase during the rest of the year.

Quickly acquire spring customers to grow sales this summer and beyond

These next few months present a key opportunity to engage spring customers and pave the way for a strong summer. With precisely targeted campaigns, Cardlytics is uniquely positioned to help marketers quickly acquire customers and strengthen loyalty for long-term success. Let’s work together now to build momentum with spring customers and beat the summer slowdown.

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