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Who’s Hungry for a Win?

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As the country gears up for this Sunday’s final showdown between the Patriots and the Rams, restaurants are kicking off a battle for football fans’ stomachs. To help restaurants score a win, Cardlytics analyzed restaurant and delivery spend during the week of last year’s Big Game. Here are some of the highlights:

The Feast of Champions

Fans’ favorite foods are as different as the teams on the field. While the Patriots fans in Boston overwhelmingly preferred pizza—spending 187 percent more at pizzerias the week of the 2018 game compared to an average week—Rams fans in LA indulged in tacos.

The Top 10

Fans in these cities provided the biggest boost to their hometown restaurants. The leaders on the scoreboard? Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas.

Wings rule

Chicken restaurants in Atlanta—this year’s host city and Cardlytics’ hometown—saw a 128 percent boost in sales during the week leading up to the Big Game.

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