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Lucky Number 10! Zolve Joins Cardlytics

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Cardlytics adds Zolve to growing neobank roster.

We like to say Cardlytics is “built by bankers for banks” and it’s true. Our founders were both bankers who saw the value in having a view of a customer’s total wallet. Since Cardlytics was founded 13 years ago, we’ve been driving results for major U.S. banks. And while banks will always be central to what we do, we are excited about scaling our offering. Enter: the neobanks.

Zolve: A solution for an underserved population 

Catering towards tech-savvy audiences, neobanks make managing finances easy from anywhere in the world. Zolve, in particular, aims to improve accessibility to high-quality banking products for immigrants in the U.S. Zolve’s founder, Rahgunadan G, noticed that many immigrants were forced to wait for months, and in many cases, years to access financial services upon arriving in the U.S. While neobanks may focus on a specific type of customer, the customers' needs remain universal: quality products, secure services and a rewarding experience.

“At Zolve, we are working to provide equitable access to global financial products on one single platform. A tangible rewards program helps create an engaging experience for our customers, and with this partnership, we now have offers across categories that our users find relevant and rewarding” says Raghunandan G, Zolve’s founder. 

A rewarding experience for all 

When it comes to capturing and maintaining consumer loyalty and personalized experiences, neobanks are well-positioned to grab top of wallet advantage through a rewards program.  Neobanks and fintechs have changed the financial landscape over the past decade, offering digital-only solutions to the traditional financial process, while also addressing the needs of their niche audiences. This rise in popularity coincides with a consumer base that prefers shopping and banking online. 

To learn more about how Cardlytics works with neobanks and fintechs, check out our case study.

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