Clarks’ new customer acquisition strategy drove sales – in-store and online


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The goal

In a competitive retail market, Clarks wanted to acquire new customers and drive more activity in focus markets–including increased foot traffic to their top stores.

The results

By implementing an annual campaign with Cardlytics, Clarks won new customers, drove measurable revenue, and ultimately grew their overall customer base in focus markets.

Topline ROAS


Purchases from New Customers


How it worked

Over the course of their four-year partnership, Clarks has leveraged Cardlytics’ insights to understand where, when, and how consumers shop. They have consistently put these insights into action using Cardlytics’ native ad platform to accurately target and convert new customers.

With Cardlytics, we’re reaching new consumers and are not limited in where we drive them to shop-whether it’s online or in-store, the consumer can shop however they choose.”

Daniel Lane, Director Retail Marketing, Clarks
retail acquisition strategy

Clarks’ goal was to target heavy footwear category shoppers who made infrequent purchases with them, as well as those who had never previously shopped with the brand.

By applying analytics to purchase data from their partner banks, Cardlytics identified the most likely buyers based on past footwear category and Clarks-brand purchases. From there, they presented those audiences with personalized Clarks rewards.

The rewards reached customers while they were actively managing their money within their banks’ online, mobile, and email channels, and as a result, drove them to make their next purchase with Clarks.

Importantly, the Cardlytics platform provided the reach needed in Clarks’ focus markets of New York, California, Boston, and Washington, D.C. to bring a significant number of new customers into its brick & mortar locations.

Not only did this campaign drive measurable sales for Clarks in its focus markets, but Clarks received powerful purchase insights into customers’ changing in-store and online shopping behavior in specific markets. These insights helped inform future business decisions.

Since 1825, this British-based shoemaker has been committed to creating footwear that strikes a unique blend of craftsmanship, style, and comfort. Clarks sells their products through their eCommerce site and in branded stores and franchises throughout the world.
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