Cardlytics and The GIANT Company partner to close the loyalty gap


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The Client

Guided by its brand platform, For Today’s Table®, The GIANT Company proudly serves millions of neighbors across five states. The omnichannel retailer employs more than 35,000 talented team members supporting more than 190 stores, 133 pharmacies, 107 fuel stations, and over 175 online pickup hubs and grocery delivery service in hundreds of zip codes.  

The GIANT Company believes in providing the best experience by simplifying shopping, inspiring fresh ideas, and creating healthier communities.  

The Challenge

In late 2020, after identifying key sales opportunities aimed at maintaining customer loyalty, The GIANT Company realized it needed to change how it reaches customers. The company wanted a seamless solution to help expand upon existing knowledge of its consumer base, reach shoppers outside of its stores, and convert those shoppers to GIANT customers. While The GIANT Company’s loyalty program has a strong 20-year history of driving engagement among its members and provides a robust amount of information about their in-store shopping behavior, there is one critical blind spot: how customers behave outside GIANT stores.  

The Solution

With visibility into half of all purchase transactions in the U.S., Cardlytics was seen as the ideal partner to close this gap. By identifying The GIANT Company’s customers who were shopping with other brands, Cardlytics was able to uncover opportunities to capture a greater share of wallet and drive incremental growth.  

Based on over $3.9T in annual consumer spend, Cardlytics has the purchase insights to understand how, when, and where people spend. With a unique view into grocery category spending and overall consumer behavior, the Cardlytics campaign and analytics teams developed a strong targeting strategy focused on shifting market share from The GIANT company’s competitors in key geographical markets.

As a market share leader, it can be challenging to find new and creative ways to deliver continued share growth and engage with shoppers. Cardlytics removes those challenges and barriers for us. Whether as an effective complement to our existing loyalty program, propelling new customer acquisition, or supporting re-engagement with lapsed customers, Cardlytics delivers unmistakable success.”Emily Mikus, Director, Loyalty and Channel Marketing, The GIANT Company  

The Result

Cardlytics connects brands with real consumers to drive provable and predictable incremental sales through a unique platform that delivers ads inside banks’ digital channels.  

The Cardlytics platform is a closed-loop system that measures campaign ROI with precision, giving The GIANT Company the ability to accurately evaluate the true sales impact of its marketing efforts. To help measure overall performance, Cardlytics provided metrics for The GIANT Company to use in comparing the results of its Cardlytics campaigns with other offer-based campaigns it executed. The results validated the superior performance of the Cardlytics platform.  

The GIANT Company’s investment benefits include an increase of over 8 points in dollar share during its first flight. Thanks to Cardlytics’ Purchase IntelligenceTM, The GIANT Company was also able to see that its target audience—new, lapsed, and infrequent customers—all spent more per trip and shopped more often when offered a Cardlytics cash back reward.  

The Cardlytics platform unlocked the full potential of The GIANT Company’s loyalty program, and the partnership allowed the grocer to deploy an effective solution that strengthened its position in the market while complementing its existing loyalty program.  

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The Giant Company
Guided by its brand platform, For Today’s Table®, The GIANT Company proudly serves millions of neighbors across five states.
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