Saatva: Influencing new customers in a trusted channel

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The goal

Saatva, a direct-to-consumer luxury mattress brand, was looking for new, efficient ways to reach likely buyers and drive measurable, incremental revenue.

The results

Cardlytics’ platform provided Saatva with the necessary scale and relevant targeting to bring in new customers, and ultimately, increase sales. The campaign efficiently drove a 100% sales lift without sacrificing return on investment – netting a $4.65 to $1 incremental return on ad spend.

How it worked

Previously, Saatva relied on paid search, social, retargeting, and display advertising, as well as direct mail and the occasional TV spots to get in front of their buyers. While these initiatives reached customers broadly, Saatva often had little insight into who they were targeting beyond basic demographics. Additionally, the team struggled to map dollars spent to dollars earned, making it difficult to gauge the true performance of their various marketing channels. Saatva wanted a more precise way to attract new customers and prove incremental revenue.

No other company we’ve worked with has been able to prove incremental improvements in ROI, and we attribute that to Cardlytics’ powerful purchase insights.”

Aubrey Judson, Director of Paid Acquisition, Saatva

Cardlytics’ powerful targeting capabilities appealed to the Saatva team. Cardlytics identified the most likely Saatva customers by applying analytics to purchase data from their bank partners and building an audience of customers who recently made relevant purchases in life-event categories such as home improvement, décor, and appliances. Cardlytics then targeted these customers with personalized Saatva offers within their online banking channels.

For Aubrey Judson, Director of Paid Acquisition at Saatva, Cardlytics’ results immediately set them apart from other marketing channels, “No other company we’ve worked with has been able to prove incremental improvements in ROI,” she said. “We attribute that to Cardlytics’ powerful purchase insights.”

Another great benefit of Cardlytics is the transfer of trust that comes with their bank channel.”

Saatva saw Cardlytics’ ad platform within trusted bank environments as a great way to drive awareness and consideration. “Having our brand in an environment that customers trust really helps to instill confidence in first-time buyers,” said Judson. As an early disruptor in the online mattress industry, this bank channel provided a valuable way to differentiate Saatva’s luxury products in an increasingly crowded market of eCommerce-only mattress sellers.

Cardlytics’ bank channel successfully introduced customers to Saatva and influenced their purchase decisions. With Cardlytics’ unique insight into real purchases from real bank customers, Saatva was able to measure the exact incremental impact of the campaign on their sales: for every dollar they spent in campaign media fees, the company earned an additional $4.65 in return.

Learning more about the Saatva customer

Beyond driving significant sales for Saatva, Cardlytics also helped the brand gain valuable insights into how their customers shop outside their store. Cardlytics’ purchase insights enabled Saatva to discover that many of their customers also spend heavily across the travel category. Armed with this new insight, Saatva unlocked a new way to connect with luxury consumers and has begun exploring strategic partnerships with airline and hotel brands.

Saatva is America’s best-rated luxury, direct-to-consumer mattress brand. Saatva aims to bring its luxurious mattresses for much less than the price of comparable beds found in stores. As an online-only retailer, Saatva seeks to eliminate the costs and waste associated with the traditional mattress industry.
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