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Our ad platform is 100% brand-safe and fraud-free

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Target customers in their bank’s digital channels

Cardlytics partners with banks across the US and UK. Through these partnerships, we deliver relevant, native ads to customers in their online, mobile, and email bank channels.

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Run native ads within top banks

Chase Bank Bank of America Wells Fargo PNC Bank Regions Bank Truist Bank BBVA Bank NCR Fiserv Lloyds Bank Santander Bank
targeted advertising to engage real customers

Impact your customer’s path to purchase

Banks integrate our ads to help customers plan where they’ll spend and save. Customers engage with the ads to earn cash back and see them as a valuable perk for using their bank’s debit or credit card.

When weighing whether to buy from one store or another, relevant, targeted offers delivered through the Cardlytics platform act as that critical tipping point to influence purchase decisions.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Click. Shop. Earn. To get cash back, customers simply activate their offers, then buy online or in-store. When they purchase, their bank automatically deposits money back into their account.

It’s simple for marketers too. Just tell us the campaign goal, and we do the rest. It’s a pay-for-performance platform where we manage everything from ad copy to paying customer rewards. There are no hidden fees or production costs.

Easy as 1-2-3
Fraud free

Ads in banks are as safe as it gets

Fraud free. Banking’s “Know Your Customer” regulations ensure every impression is served to a real person. Plus, only people 18 or older can open an account – which means all 186M bank customers in our platform are adults.

Brand safe. There’s no inappropriate or controversial content in banks’ digital channels. We only display ads within online banking, mobile banking apps, or bank emails.


“No other company we’ve worked with has been able to prove incremental improvements in ROI, and we attribute that to Cardlytics’ powerful purchase insights.”

Aubrey Judson Director of Paid Acquisition, Saatva
Identify Opportunity

Connect the dots with Purchase Intelligence

Insights into bank transaction data power Cardlytics campaigns from start to finish. Beyond helping marketers measure performance, we also use purchase intelligence to identify the best prospects and target ads on our platform.

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Cardlytics Purchase Insights
Cardlytics Campaign Measurement
Measure Results

Measurable sales eliminate the guesswork

With access to bank transaction data, we close the loop between ad impressions and real-world sales. We report the actual impact of campaigns both online and in-store so that marketers can accurately gauge their incremental return.

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