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Valuable personalised card-linked offers save your customers money and drive engagement

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Solutions for Banks

Our white-labeled offers programme is trusted by top banks in the UK & US to save customers money and drive digital engagement

Solutions for Marketers

Our native ad platform in banks’ digital channels drives incremental sales for marketers by changing the way millions of people shop

Our white-labeled offers programme is trusted by top banks in the UK & US to save customers money and drive digital engagement

Our native ad platform in banks’ digital channels drives incremental sales for marketers by changing the way millions of people shop

The UK’s top merchant-funded offers programme

Our trusted offers solution inspires loyalty by making bank customers feel appreciated.

Increase engagement
Give customers a reason to use digital banking, driving higher transaction volumes and revenues

Improve retention
Delight customers with unrivaled rewards

Drive bank product adoption
Cross-promote products to relevant customers

Improved customer insights
Quality data delivered for consumer behavior and spending insights

Primary account holding
Open Banking-enabled solution provides competitive differentiation

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Top Funded Merchant Programme
Personalized offers Plan spending and saving Simple click or tap to activate Earn rewards Mobile device

Deliver valuable rewards through our easy-to-use platform

  • Personalised offers pique customer interest across digital, mobile, and email bank channels
  • Customers browse to plan where they’ll spend and save
  • A simple click or tap activates offers
  • When customers use their bank card, their rewards are automatically deposited into their bank accounts

We’re a trusted partner for the largest banks in the UK & US

Lloyds Bank Bank of Scotland Halifax Santander Bank Chase Bank Bank of America Wells Fargo PNC Bank Regions Bank BB&T Bank Suntrust Bank BBVA Bank

“Working with Cardlytics, we help millions of our customers benefit by receiving cashback from a wide variety of well-known brands and retailers when they spend using their Santander Debit or Credit card.”

A Santander Spokesperson

Secure technology built for banks

Our technology does the heavy lifting and integrates seamlessly into banks’ digital channels

Bank-class security

Built with privacy-by-design, we target relevant offers without any personally identifiable information.


We offer banks a hosted solution to make implementation, maintenance, and upgrades simple.

24-7 Support

Our tech support team is available around the clock to ensure a flawless customer experience.

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Engage customers in a one-of-a-kind native ad platform

We integrate ads within online, mobile, and email channels at top banks in the UK. Customers browse ads to plan where they’ll spend and save.

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Santander Dashboard Retail Offers Chase Offers Dashboard

Marketers agree, it works

Cardlytics has been a key marketing channel for several years. Their unique share-of-wallet view helps us guarantee true incremental spend. They proactively provide strategic direction and performance recommendations.”

Sam Fryer Senior Marketing Manager, Morrisons

Through working with Cardlytics, Sky has been able to target relevant prospective customers using Purchase Intelligence. The programme continues to drive significant volume of incremental new customers.”

Nathan Conduit Commercial Director, Sky TV

With Cardlytics, we are driving millions of pounds of incremental sales a year, whilst investing minimal time to manage the programme. The post campaign analysis is industry best practice.”

Rob Murphy Head of Personalisation​, Co-op

Cardlytics drives a high volume of incremental sales by pinpointing hard-to-reach customers based on their overall restaurant spend. We know these customers keep spending with us beyond the campaign.”

​Richard Exton Head of Regional Marketing​, Nando’s

Cardlytics’ unique targeting capabilities ensure we can acquire new customers and redirect competitive spend to Marriott. The customer experience means that there is no perception of discounting for our brand.”

Lauren Profeta Portfolio Partnerships Manager, Europe, Marriott Hotels

Cardlytics Purchase Intelligence helped Europcar effectively target relevant customers, and due to the resource-light nature of the platform, working with Cardlytics is really straightforward.”

Tom Middleditch Partnerships & Loyalty Marketing Manager, Europcar

​Cardlytics’ platform continues to smash all internal benchmarks for customer acquisition and retention. The investment has more than paid for itself by contributing to our gains in market share.”

Monika Antczak Senior Digital Marketing Manager​, Laithwaite’s
Cardlytics Ad Platform
Reach Real People

Native ads engage real customers, not bots

Bots don’t have bank accounts. Ads only reach verified adults who are actively managing their money.

With targeting based on past purchase history, ads on our platform provide real value to customers and act as the critical tipping point for a purchase.

Measure Results

Reporting measures the actual sales impact

Close the loop with real transaction data. We measure campaign performance, reporting online and in-store sales down to the penny.

Cardlytics Campaign Measurement

We’re a trusted partner for the largest banks in the UK

Lloyds Bank Bank of Scotland Halifax MBNA Santander Bank

Offers from top brands differentiate our programme

We deliver real value to bank customers with merchant-funded offers from an unrivalled network of brands

Our story

We’re here to transform commerce. Starting with an idea formed at a kitchen table, we’ve built a trusted offers solution that drives customer loyalty for the top banks in the UK & US.

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Research & Insights

Cardlytics Research and Insights

Finding Your Space: Three Tips for Women in Data Science

Coined by the Harvard Business Review as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century, ‘data science’ still feels like a term invented only yesterday (and ‘women in data science’ seems even newer). And what does a data scientist do anyways? You could ask 100 professionals and get about 100 different answers.   I thought being a data scientist meant that you needed a very specific set of skills […]

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State of Apparel: Athleisure Reigned Supreme in 2021

As the pandemic raged through 2020, apparel sales plummeted a record 77% while we all stayed home in our comfortable old clothes.  But the slump began to turn around in early 2021 as vaccines unleashed restless shoppers from quarantine. We were finally going out—and were ready to trade in those baggy sweatpants for a new look.  4 Key Takeaways for […]

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Restaurant & Grocery: The Showdown Is On

Which industry will take the bulk of consumer spend?  What used to be considered two separate household budgets, one for groceries and one for dining out, has morphed into one overall food budget, thanks to pandemic-led shifts in how people eat. More dinners are being eaten at home causing restaurants to expand into delivery and take-out options. Meanwhile, grocery stores braced for a surge in traffic as more consumers requested delivery or curbside pick-up. While all industries faced upheaval during […]

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