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Back-to-School Season Has Arrived

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School may be out for the summer, but with Amazon Prime Day just hours away, the 2019 back-to-school shopping season is officially here.Back-to-school is the second-largest shopping event of the year following the December holidays. Excluding the weeks leading up to Christmas, it accounts for nearly 20% of annual spend.By analyzing $2.4 trillion in purchase data across our banking partners, Cardlytics has identified five key trends for advertisers to consider this season: 1. Back-To-School Spend Grows Online, but the Majority Still Occurs In-Store

B2S Share of Spend by Channel

Download the high-resolution image[/caption] 2. Early Sales Give Online-Only Retailers an Edge on Back-to-School

B2S Seasonality Index by Channel

Download the high-resolution image[/caption] 3. Convenience Reigns Supreme During Back-to-School

B2S Share of Spend by Category

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]

B2S Multiline Category Spend by Channel

Download the high-resolution image[/caption]4. Omni-Shoppers Drive Incremental Value During Back-to-School

B2S Omni-Customer Spend

Download the high-resolution image[/caption] 5. Fall Lays the Foundation for More Holiday Sales

B2S Customer Acquisition for Holiday

Download the high-resolution image[/caption] Want more Back-to-School insights? We’ll be digging deeper into each of these trends, so don’t forget to check back in the coming days for more insights and tips to make sure you are getting an A+ in capturing spend throughout the season.

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