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Fall Lays the Foundation for More Holiday Sales

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Once school is in session, it may be tempting to save the next big marketing push until the winter holidays. However, now is the time to acquire customers who will really move the needle during the busiest shopping season of the year. This brings us to our last (but not least) back-to-school trend #5:Fall Lays the Foundation for More Holiday SalesAfter the back-to-school season ends, it is critical to keep the momentum going during the fall to stay top-of-mind leading into the winter holiday shopping season. Last year, 64% of holiday sales were from repeat customers. Across the majority of retailers, customers from fall acquisition campaigns not only drove a boost in fall sales, but they also set stores up for success during the holidays—spending 20% more overall than customers acquired in December.

B2S Customer Acquisition for Holiday

Actionable Tip: Don’t wait until the winter holidays to start your marketing efforts. Strengthen brand loyalty now by running post-back-to-school campaigns to get your customers in the habit of choosing your brand.Want more Back-to-School Insights?Check out all five of our back-to-school spend trends based on our analysis of $2.4 trillion in purchase data across our banking partners, and look out for our Holiday Spend Trends Report this fall.

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