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Launch of My Wells Fargo Deals: Surpassing 150M Bank Customers Provides Significant New Opportunities for Advertisers

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Lynne Laube
6 minute read

When Scott and I founded Cardlytics 12 years ago, we knew that bringing the banking industry and the advertising industry together was a unique idea. Building something that drives loyalty for banks, incremental sales for advertisers, and clear financial benefit to their mutual customers has been no small feat. Over the years, we have consistently expanded our relationships with the top banks, both in the U.S. and the UK, which has offered significant opportunities for advertisers as our reach has grown.

Today, I’m proud to formally announce another major accomplishment for our business with the launch of My Wells Fargo Deals in partnership with Wells Fargo bank.

Scaling the Rivals by Partnering with the Largest Banks

Partnering with the fourth largest bank in the U.S. further increases our platform’s scale to rival other major players in the advertising space.

top players in a digital advertising space

Now with more than 150 million monthly active users, marketers have an even greater ability to reach engaged bank customers in a pristine, brand-safe environment through Cardlytics. We influence where a consumer makes a purchase and offer them tangible value in the form of a cash-back reward. So, brands and banks alike can feel good about driving sales in a way that builds a positive experience for millions of people.

Customer Rewards Resulting in Billions of Sales

We’ve saved consumers more than $500 million in rewards and are proud to extend this value to Wells Fargo’s customers. And with an even broader addressable audience for our advertising partners, we’ll continue to build on the $33 billion in measurable sales we’ve driven for them to date.

Congratulations to the team at Wells Fargo and our teams at Cardlytics for completing the launch of My Wells Fargo Deals in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s certainly an accomplishment to be celebrated.

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