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New Year, New Focus: People

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Recently a coworker and I were discussing the many ways in which our jobs have drastically changed over the last year. As head of People for a global company with more than 600 employees, I have directly seen how the entire world has taken a collective step back to reassess the things that matter most, especially as it relates to the workplace. Employees are looking for fulfillment, something more than “just a job.”  

As I thought more specifically about how my job is different now than it was 12 months ago, I realized that last year, while we were doing a really good job at caring for our employees’ needs with great pay, insurance, and vacation policies it’s no longer enough.  This year, while we still offer great pay, insurance, and vacation, it’s less about just meeting needs, and more about anticipating the needs and wants of our employees. In short: how can Cardlytics help make life better, easier, and more fulfilling for our employees?  

This year, I now find myself waking up every morning thinking about how to make Cardlytics a great place where great people want to be. And while it’s only the second month of the year, I think we are off to a great start.  

Last year, we offered a gym membership discount.  This year, we realized gyms aren’t the only way to address wellness. If nothing else, the past two years have taught us that overall wellness is a priority. So, we are now reimbursing employees up to $1,000 for things like art classes, counseling, massages, financial wellness classes, and so much more. 

Last year, we launched tuition reimbursement for continuing education. This year, we’ve recognized that many people can’t think about continuing education because they are too saddled with existing student loan debt. So now we’re helping employees pay down their student loans with monthly contributions.  

As far as a vacation policy, we have always been quite flexible, allowing for unlimited time off, but in the second half of 2021 we learned that this wasn’t enough because even if you are on vacation your work is not. So, we began scheduling “company-wide days off" throughout the year for the entire organization to rest and recharge as a team. We even closed the office for an entire week between Christmas and the New Year.  No more worrying about missing a meeting or playing catch up on an important email. This has been such a success that we will continue this practice into the new year. 

While these are just a few of the ways we’re showing our employees that we value their time and contribution, it doesn’t stop there. I’m excited to continue this journey and discover more opportunities to support our employees in the years ahead.  

So, although the last year has been challenging to say the least - I wouldn’t want to do virtual school with my son again for any amount of money (kudos to the educators!) -  it’s reminded us to return our focus to our greatest asset: our people.  

Work will never be the same. And for Cardlytics, that is a wonderful thing.  

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