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Omni-Shoppers Drive Incremental Value During Back-to-School

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Last week, we explored customers’ penchant for convenience when it comes to the types of stores they shop during back-to-school. This also comes into play for trend #4:

Omni-Shoppers Drive Incremental Value During Back-to-School

At Cardlytics, we think about omnichannel as both a customer mindset and the channels through which they buy. Driven by convenience, omni-shoppers flow easily between in-store and online channels—making purchases based on what works best within their day-to-day.

Omni customers underscore the value of enabling a convenient shopping experience during the back-to-school season. In 2018, customers who shopped online as well as in-store spent 48% more, and made 48.1% more purchases during the season than their single-channel counterparts.

B2S Omni-Customer Spend

Within key back-to-school categories, single-channel customers still account for over 75% of customers, and there is a significant opportunity for retailers to convert these single-channel customers into more valuable omnichannel customers.

At the end of the day, what matters is winning the next sale by fitting into customers’ daily lives—regardless of the channel.

Actionable Tip:

Customers want the same offers across all channels; Cardlytics works for any customer path to purchase. We can help convert single-channel customers into omni customers, pinpoint your best omni customers to grow loyalty, and increase your share of spend with customers who are omni at your competitors.

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